Relationship Statistics in Thailand

The divorce rate in Thailand over the past 10 years has increased according to the latest statistics released. During 2003 the divorce rate was 1.28 per 1,000 couples up from 0.97 couples per 1,000 in 1994. This is also reflected in the amount of marriages registered in Thailand over the same period. In 2004 the ratio of a new marriage in Thailand had been 5 in every 1,000 people compared to 8 for every 1,000 people in 1994. Oddly enough the most significant drop in marriages had been in the North-Eastern part of Thailand being Isaan. The government fears that it shows a weakening in Thailand of the family institution or a loss of faith in the family unit.

During last year, December 2007 an interesting article made the news headlines in Thailand pertaining to divorce in Thailand with regards to expats. The Khon Kaen civil court in the period of three months had 142 divorce cases filed. The oddity about the 142 divorces in Thailand was that they had all been from mixed couples. That is Thai women wanting to divorce their western husbands. The Chief Justice of the Family Court pointed out that the timeline for the 142 divorce cases had been between the period of 1st July 2007 and the 30th September 2007. Apparently, according to the judge, the woman had become disillusioned by their marriages. What those reasons are though is not know. There had been no further statistics provided as to age groupings, financial status or nationalities of those in the divorce proceedings.

Even though it might be a total fluke, it does raise the question of the rise in divorce rates in Thailand overall. Like everything else, people getting married fail to heed the advice from attorneys to not only do a full investigation of their proposed spouse but to also protect their assets with a prenuptial agreement.

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