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Many people decide to tie the knot and get married in Thailand then again many also decide to get divorced in Bangkok being the capital city of Thailand. The divorce process in Thailand if it is an undefended or an administrative divorce (simple divorce) then this can be done all within 1 day in Thailand if all the documents that are needed is at hand. These documents would be your prenuptial agreement, also a copy of your marriage certificate, your passport and the ID Card of your Thai wife and last but not least a copy of her “house papers” and your divorce agreement. Normally the divorce agreement is drafted and signed between the parties and then simply file this with the Amphur or district office in Bangkok.

If you are looking at litigation then it becomes a very drawn-out affair as justice in Thailand works very slow. If there are children or a child and child custody is an issue then you can expect that the matter will be at least 1-2 years in litigation. Speak to a divorce lawyer in Bangkok or a family lawyer with regards to how best to keep the divorce process short and cost-effective. Many times the disputes can be settled between the parties with mediation and this not only cuts down on time but also the legal costs.

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