Insanity & Divorce

Filling for divorce in Thailand you can base the application on a number of documents grounds.The specific part that this page refers to is an application made for a divorce in Thailand based on Insanity. Having your spouse declared insane as part of your divorce may come with a court-issued order for maintenance. Living Allowances: Divorce in Thailand: Section 1464 The section relates to monthly maintenance of the other even during trial. It is important to maintain maintenance during the trial even if the spouse has not been declared insane as yet. The declaration in terms of the statute clearly states that it is irrelevant to maintenance. Should this lack of support endanger the other, the supposable insane spouse, or the guardian may apply for a maintenance order.

Divorce in Thailand: Section 1519
In terms of Section 1519, where the court decides that the spouse is insane yet has no guardian appointed, they will grant the insane spouse a living allowance while dismissing the application for a divorce. Living allowance would best be described as the reasonable amount of money needed to maintain oneself. This would then be adjusted according to the ability of each spouse. Once the divorce is finalised a final order would be made in terms of maintenance for the incapacitated spouse.

Divorce in Thailand: Section 1527
In terms of the grounds for divorce in Thailand Section 1527 more specifically Section 1516 (7). This section is covered by Section 1519. Any divorce in Thailand is a complex legal matter. If one of the parties is to be declared insane, it complicates the divorce even more. Only the Thai language is used in courts in Thailand both oral and written. You may require an interpreter at your own expense and as the laws are complex, it is always better to obtain the services of a reputable law firm. Always speak to an attorney when filling for a divorce in Thailand.


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